Why patient comfort must be paramount in aligner treatments?

Clear aligners have made alignment treatments more convenient for doctors. The number of benefits they provide are far and many. Faster results, more accurate predictions, fewer dental visits, better oral hygiene, and overall lesser supervision throughout the treatment have inclined doctors towards clear aligners.

When doctors choose aligner treatment, optimal outcomes are at the forefront of their decision, and patient comfort falls somewhere behind.

A comfortable aligner experience is dependent on the amount of force applied to make the teeth move. It needs to be consistently optimal throughout the wear time. The more optimal the force is, the less pain the patient will experience.

Is that the case in all aligner treatments? No.

Most aligner brands in the industry apply more force than necessary, which makes the patient experience more painful than necessary. The patient came to get the treatment from you, so it becomes your responsibility to provide him with a seamless and comfortable experience.

Aligners that exert continuous optimal force with no sudden bursts of excessive pressure are the best way to give your patients the aligner experience they expect. And you’ll only get the credits and the praise; here is why.

Better Adherence

Patients avoid wearing aligners continuously because they are uncomfortable and painful. With the holidays coming up, most people have several events to attend, where socializing and having fun is the only objective. In these events, no one would want to be in discomfort and dampen the joy they could otherwise experience.

The same is true for the rest of the year. A special date, a yearly exam, or an important business meeting, are situations where your patients don’t have to take out their aligners, but they do because the pain makes their moments less enjoyable. And they don’t wear them for the 22 hours that are prescribed.

What if you had an option that took away the discomfort for the patient and, at the same time, gave you predictable outcomes each time? When patients have comfort that makes them feel like they are wearing nothing at all, the likelihood of choosing to increase the wear time will increase substantially.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

When your patient gets a comfortable experience, he’ll be happier. He’ll be in less pain. He’ll be able to enjoy his daily life without the treatment obstructing him. He’ll be pleased with the fewer visits and delighted to witness his progress each time.

Patients aren’t impressed by advanced polymers as much as they are impressed by the comfort. When you give them both, you’ll have a patient who’ll spread word of mouth without any motivation on your part.

More Time to Acquire New Patients

You are running a growing practice. You have a good number of patients. You want to acquire more, but you cannot because your existing treatments are extending and taking up more chair time than you intended. Can comfortable aligners be the solution? Yes, they can.

Turning patient adherence and better results are in your favor, you won’t have to spend most of your time treating existing patients. When we say comfortable aligner experience, we also mean comfortable for you. Features like remote monitoring in aligners let you be on top of all of your patient’s progress. It directly impacts chair time, giving you the time to acquire and treat more patients.

OrthoFX helps you provide better patient comfort and increase your case starts

We are dedicated to aligners. We prioritize patient comfort with our optimal force technology in FXTetra Aligners that only exert the right amount of force. From day 1 to day 7 of an aligner tray, the applied force would remain consistent, neither excessive nor at any stage. This gives the teeth the required pressure to move in the desired direction, making treatment outcomes more predictable.

With FXTetra at work, our doctors have experienced fewer than 1 refinements in 80% of the cases.

FXonTrack, our remote monitoring software, further enables our partner doctors to keep track of their patient progress and notifies them when their intervention is needed, eliminating the scope of more refinements.

For doctors, we believe comfort to be more related to time and lesser work. Our FXConcierge services target to solve that problem. From patient co-marketing to virtual treatment coordination and insurance queries, we handle it all for you. If you find financing to be a hurdle, we have FXPay, which provides 100% patient approvals irrespective of the credit score. If you want to digitize your practice workflows, we’ll help you with that as well.

For us, patient and doctor comfort go hand in hand.

If you have any queries, doubts, or questions about the aligner treatments or our services, please contact 415-936-0006 or visit orthofx.com. Our expert orthodontists will be happy to hear from you.



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