5 Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment

clear correct aligners

The branch of dentistry dealing with the correction of malocclusion and bite issues is known as orthodontics. An orthodontist uses technologically advanced equipment to diagnose the type of dental issue a person is suffering from and offers solutions for straight teeth and a perfect smile. Besides the use of traditional braces, clear aligners have gained considerable popularity as a safe and effective mode of orthodontic treatment. However, a few misconceptions surrounding orthodontic treatment need to be addressed to ensure a hassle-free, full-proof smile journey.

Anyone who provides braces and aligners is an orthodontist

An orthodontist is trained to specifically straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, correct jaw alignments and bite problems, and improve appearance. A dentist, on the other hand, treats gum diseases, tooth decay, toothache, and other oral health problems. So while dentists or online companies may provide or sell braces and aligners, it doesn’t make them qualified for the job. Only an orthodontist is trained and equipped to diagnose teeth alignment issues and offer solutions.

An In-person consultation is not required for orthodontic treatment

Several companies offer DIY orthodontic treatment where patients buy braces and aligners online based on self-taken pictures and teeth impressions. But orthodontic treatment does not work like this. Face-to-face consultation with an orthodontist and in-depth diagnosis of the problem are musts for best results. 

Orthodontic treatment is only limited to metal braces

With technological advancement, orthodontics has become more effective and efficient for teeth-straightening. To be specific, clear aligner has gained popularity in current times owing to its benefits over traditional braces and orthodontic treatment does not mean a mouthful of metals anymore. Clear aligners are invisible, removable, and comfortable in teeth-straightening. 

Orthodontic treatment is meant for children

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic treatment is for people of all ages. Although children (only after having adult jawlines) and teenagers are the most common patients of an orthodontist, teeth alignment issues can arise at any age due to several reasons. Adults, too, can avail such treatment to correct any form of malocclusion for better oral health as well as appearance. 

Orthodontic treatment is time-taking and expensive

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the time and expenses for orthodontic treatment. Both depend on the complexity of a patient’s dental issue and can vary from person to person. Most technologically advanced treatments — like in the case of using clear aligners — take 6 months to two years, if the procedure is diligently followed. Similarly, most orthodontists offer cost-effective packages along with free add-ons. 

When it comes to any treatment, relying on experts and verified facts is better than nurturing misconceptions. Reach out to your orthodontist for better information and clear all your doubts before setting forth to straighten your teeth.