Best Way to Straighten Your Teeth at Home

home teeth straightening kit
Teeth-straightening is the job of orthodontists, who are trained to diagnose and treat all types of malocclusions. However, for several reasons (convenience being one of them), DIY teeth-straightening home kits and clear aligners have become quite popular in recent years. With these kits, you can easily take impressions of your crooked teeth and send them for diagnosis to an online provider of clear aligners. The entire procedure takes place from home, without the hassles of planning doctor visits, follow-up treatment, etc. But is the end result as expected?

Downsides of DIY clear aligners 

Providers of mail-order clear aligners sell their products via eCommerce. The entire process is conducted online and does not involve face-to-face consultation with a doctor at any point in time. The impressions of the misaligned teeth are taken by the customers/patients themselves and sent for evaluation. The clear aligners are directly shipped and, in most cases, there are no follow-ups in case of any issues. Thus, with no real clinical supervision, the onus of anything that goes wrong or an incomplete treatment always lies with the customers. There have been plenty of instances of such procedures going wrong, with the teeth suffering further damage and finally the customers ending up at the doctor’s clinic.

Choose the best

Who wouldn’t want to get treated at their convenience and from home? But, at the same time, it is not advisable to compromise on something as precious as your smile by opting for a DIY treatment just because it is easily available. So, why not have the best of both worlds! OrthoFX clear aligners are the perfect example of straightening teeth from home but under the expert supervision of an orthodontist. All you would need to do is visit the doctor once for an in-person check-up and diagnosis. Once you start wearing the clear aligners that are sent via mail, the treatment is remotely monitored through an app called FXOntrack. Follow-up doctor visits are scheduled only if necessary and at your convenience. There are options to virtually connect with the doctor and get treated from the comforts of your home. While you do not have to make any specific changes in your lifestyle, you still get the best without the risk of wrong or incomplete treatment. No matter how mild the issue is, teeth-straightening is a procedure that involves the shape of jaws, the appearance of the face, and overall oral health. So ideally, one should not compromise and settle for something that could lead to more harm than help.