Clear Aligners — Myths and Facts

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Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners has become a very popular treatment choice for a number of compelling reasons. With more patients choosing this mode of teeth-straightening treatment, a lot of information about it is available on the Internet, which can be confusing and overwhelming at times. While some of the posts are facts, many others are misconceptions and myths that need to be clarified. Read on to know more about a few such facts and myths: 

Myth: Clear aligners are not as effective as metal braces.

Fact: Popular belief is that metal braces are more suitable for correction of complex dental alignment issues and clear aligners are best for mild problems. While this was true at one point, with advancements in technology innovations and doctor tools, clear aligner treatment has undergone consistent innovations. Today, OrthoFX clear aligner in many cases, can work as efficiently and effectively as metal braces even for complex tooth correction.

Myth: Clear aligners are uncomfortable

Fact: Unlike metal braces, which score pretty low in terms of comfort, each set of clear aligners is custom-made to seamlessly fit the teeth like a glove. After some initial discomfort, the patient gets used to it with almost no uneasiness in the long run.

Myth: Clear aligners require special diet.

Fact: Clear aligners are easily removable while eating, brushing or flossing. There are generally no food restrictions and no fear of food getting stuck in the wires (as is the case with metal braces). The aligners need to be cleaned before inserting them back after eating and the teeth have been properly brushed and flossed to avoid plaque or tooth decay.

Myth: Treatment takes a long time

Fact: The journey of straightening of teeth cannot be an overnight procedure and will take its due course, whether it is through metal braces or clear aligners. The biological process of moving a tooth has boundaries how much movement is safe. However, with clear aligners, the tooth correction process begins almost immediately and with a weekly change in every set of aligners, a slight shift in teeth is visible. 

Myth: Any dentist can treat patients with clear aligners.

Fact: Registered and state licensed dentists can treat teeth alignment issues with clear aligners. In addition, orthodontists have additional specialty 3-4 years of training and licensed to undertake complex treatments. They are equipped with the best tools and technologies to diagnose the issue and make the type of aligner ideal for it. Above all else, it is important you have a local doctor diagnose and oversee your treatment plan in person or through patient monitoring tools OrthoFX offers.

Myth: Clear aligners are only for adults.

Fact: While it is true that clear aligners are not advised for young children who are yet to have a full adult teeth erupted. , Teenagers can be treated with clear aligners if the dentist or orthodontist feels it is suitable.

While the above points will help your research, for detailed information on the treatment process with clear aligners, a certified and licensed dentist or orthodontist is the go-to person. The doctor team at OrthoFX can help you with the correct diagnosis and suggest the best way forward to achieve the best results possible.