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clear aligner teeth straightening

Different Types of Teeth

clear aligner teeth straightening
There are an average of 32 teeth in an adult’s oral cavity. There are four main types of teeth – incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. It is important to find out their different functions and characteristics. If your teeth are crooked, it might cause problems in the process of digestion. OrthoFX can fix this using their renowned clear aligners.


Incisors are the eight teeth at the front of your mouth. They are thin and straight with sharp edges. Their function is to bite into the meat and other foods. Their lean and serrated structure allows them to do that easily. Incisors are generally the first adult teeth that a child will get in their lifetime, usually coming in at the young age of six-to-eight years old.    


After incisors, canines come out. The four canines are grown next to the lateral incisors (the four incisors next to the middle four teeth), and they are the sharpest teeth. Their pointy nature enables them to tear off chunks of meat and such for consumption. They have the longest root of any of the teeth.


There are eight premolars. Premolars’ primary function is to help tear and crush food. They are present between the canines and molars and are the medium between the two types. Unlike incisors and canines, premolars have a flat surface. This feature allows them to grind food, similar to the function of molars.


These are the range of teeth at the outermost parts of the oral cavity. They have the largest surface area with flat, wide teeth. Their shape is perfect for their function, which is to grind and crush food that makes the food into a bolus.

Fix stray teeth using OrthoFX Clear Aligners

If a person has crooked teeth, it could mean that the individual teeth are not able to carry out their functions as efficiently as they could. It could be frustrating and discouraging. However, OrthoFX clear aligners can straighten out the astray teeth relatively quickly. This grants the unutilized teeth access to perform their function and allows digestion to occur more readily. It is also quicker, more comfortable and more convenient than the fixed option of braces.   



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