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How is Remote Monitoring Improving Treatment Outcomes for Clear Aligners?

The move towards digital dentistry has opened up a new world of possibilities.
New techniques such as remote monitoring, telemedicine, and wireless devices are helping improve the outcomes for several treatments by increasing patient compliance and the visibility of treatment progress.

Remote monitoring of aligner treatments has proven impactful in improving patient outcomes, reducing the need for mid-course correction, along with reducing readmissions rates. It provides patients with the ability to track their progress, record, and upload their own measurements remotely, as well as communicate openly with their care team throughout the process.

Remote monitoring also makes it easier for dentists to perform treatment remotely in the first place, which lets dentists schedule less time-intensive check-ups than before.

By partnering with aligner solution providers that can integrate remote monitoring software into their pre-existing IT infrastructure to analyze data more efficiently, alert care teams when a patient requires assistance or monitoring, and even stream live video feeds of activities to make sure users are following pre-established protocols, doctors improve their efficiency considerably.

This allows dentists to track their patients’ progress and intervene at the first sign of trouble brewing. It’s definitely a win-win situation for both patients and doctors.

Be In Complete Control Of Patient Care with AI and Remote Monitoring

When you consider the paramount advantage of remote monitoring, the answer is the empowerment of doctors, patients, and the entire practicing staff.
The question now arises is how?

Given the time between each appointment for orthodontic treatment, control over the decided plan of action can often become evasive. Remote monitoring gives the power to be in command and be better prepared. The connection created between humans and technology brings efficiency to treatments.

The concept is not just about AI presenting you with data; it’s about you choosing to interpret the data into practice and elevating the way patients get treated. The call to make a decision is always at the hands of the doctors.

For aligner treatments, appointments are scheduled based on guesswork, which are pre-established standards doctors have had for years and years. A six-week gap between appointments is usually the norm. In the six weeks, a lot of surprises can arise. Something as fundamental as the patient’s biology not agreeing with the treatment can affect your entire plan.

Remote monitoring can certainly help here. Instead of waiting weeks for in-person appointments, you can make early detections and save the time and hassle of mid-course corrections.

Being continually notified of the progress the patient is making doctors better prepared. You should still see your patients on the standard scheduled appointments, but, if need be, you have the advantage of calling them earlier to take action.

This gives you the control you need to ensure that treatments stay as on track as possible.

How Do You Leverage Remote Monitoring?

The frequency of monitoring patients is at the heart of remote monitoring; more monitoring, but with fewer visits, that’s the expectation.

Our proprietary system FXonTrack helps keep aligner treatments on track. Even if they do go off-course, early detections have made corrective measures less troublesome for both parties involved.

FXonTrack embodies the combination of modern AI and our treatment planning software that makes it easy to record the entire treatment process.

Just follow a few simple steps to get you started.

  • Ask your patients to download and enable FXonTrack.
  • Your patients would then be notified to upload pictures with a guide to help them. You can specify the frequency of photos for better results.
  • If there is something amiss, a warning would be sent for you to intervene and take over. .

We strive to give you and your patients the best dental experience. And that is why with FXonTrack, we went a step further.

Our Specialists Co-monitor Your Patients with FXonTrack

AI together with the specialist eye creates an optimized system for you to keep track of your patients.

AI alone will only give you accurate and timely warnings, which is definitely an advantage for doctors to keep a check on the alignment progress. However, the added advantage of a clinical team co-monitoring your patients through a virtual platform all the while giving you recommendations on the right course of action should be more beneficial.

With FXonTrack, patients have had to pay 40% fewer visits. These numbers can be considered a testament to the success of remote monitoring in aligner treatments.

The fewer patient visits have translated into more cost-effective treatments. Even if there is one less patient visit every day, as a doctor, you would have the time and resources to be more productive. In today’s world, that is an advantage everyone wants.

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