How to Overcome Dental Anxiety During a Pandemic

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Does the sight of dental chairs, equipment like probes and needles, or the sound of drilling inside the mouth scare you? Are you afraid of dentists since childhood or have had a bad experience with one? Well, in all probability, you suffer from dental anxiety. According to the American Dental Association, fear of dentists is a prime reason behind poor oral health among citizens. But routine dental check-ups can help detect diseases before they become harmful and lead to other health complications.

As the world reels under the effects of COVID-19, concerns over getting infected while visiting a dentist have added to this anxiety. However, most dental clinics have adopted safety protocols to check the spreading of the virus. If you are still scared to visit your dentist, here are some easy solutions to overcome it:

Communicate with your dentist and clinic staff

Inform the clinic about your worries while making an appointment. This will help them plan for a better and smoother experience for you. Once you meet your dentist, discuss your anxiety and related fears. Ask relevant questions regarding your dental health, treatment procedure before starting off. Building a comfort zone through easy communication will help you breeze through the process, while not compromising your oral health. 

Safety protocols of the clinic

Conduct proper research about the clinic you are about to visit. Ask them about the safety protocols being followed for infection control. Watch out for detailed screenings, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures, number of patients allowed at a time within the premises, hygiene protocols followed by the staff, etc. You should also inform them about your recent travel history and chances of exposure to the virus for future identification in case you happen to get infected on the premises.

Sanitization and protective equipment

Maintaining your own safety protocols and sanitization process will help you deal with a part of your anxiety and make you feel secure. Some of the precautionary steps are: 

  • Cover your mouth, nose, and eyes with a facemask and face shield
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap or use 60% alcoholic sanitizer
  • Avoid touching surfaces in public places
  • Carry surface disinfectant spray and tissues
  • Maintain social distance 

Most dental clinics are following all possible safety and sanitization procedures to ensure a smooth experience for patients while avoiding infection spread. So do not let the pandemic fuel your anxiety and stop you from taking care of your dental health. 

orthodontic health