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Importance of Good Dental Hygiene

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A captivating smile is the outcome of well-maintained dental health. But it is not all about smiling right and looking good. Poor dental hygiene can lead to severe health issues that go way beyond just an unpleasant smile. Your oral health is directly linked to your overall health. This blog will help you learn about how your dental health is connected to the other parts of the body as well as provide tips on oral care.

Impact of dental health on overall health 

Poor oral care habits can give rise to several issues like tooth decay, gum diseases, periodontitis, foul breath, crooked or broken teeth and sensitive teeth. The mouth is the window to the respiratory tract and the digestive system. So any oral disease will have direct access to the rest of the body. Untreated oral issues can cause several deficiencies and health complications. Inflammation and infections from oral bacteria can lead to endocarditis and cardiovascular diseases. Some bacteria from the mouth can reach the lungs causing pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Periodontitis can affect pregnant women leading to premature birth and low birth weight. Eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, and uncontrollable diabetes are some other concerns related to oral health. Certain health conditions can also severely impact oral health or worsen existing problems. For example, diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection and can aggravate gum diseases, and osteoporosis can cause tooth loss and damage jawbones.

Early detection of diseases

Preventative dental care is the key to healthy teeth and gums. Regular visits to the dentist will keep your teeth clean and help in detecting any developing dental problems. Besides spotting cavities, dentists can discover multiple other oral issues through scans and x-rays. In case you are already experiencing pain, gum bleeding, swelling, blister, or ulcers in the mouth, do not delay in fixing an appointment with your dentist. These can lead to severe gum diseases or mouth cancer.

Prevention is better than cure

Practicing good oral care can prevent a lot of the above-mentioned issues. Some basics steps of good oral care:

  • Brush at least twice daily with a soft or medium-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss daily to clean plaques from areas where your toothbrush can’t reach
  • Use a mouthwash to rinse out any leftover food even after brushing and flossing
  • Switch to a healthy diet with limited sugar or junk food intake; avoid colored aerated drinks
  • Avoid the use of tobacco
  • Do not miss out on scheduled dental check-ups and cleaning at least once in 6 months 

Understanding the importance of good dental hygiene and investing in it before it is too late is vital for overall well-being. Remember, regular oral care is the way to a healthy smile, mind, and body. 



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