What to Expect at Your First Orthodontist Appointment

orthodontist appointment

So you have finally decided to give orthodontics a shot and get your malocclusion treated as a step towards a beautiful smile. It is normal to feel anxious and nervous about what to expect at your first-ever orthodontist appointment. Let us help you feel at ease even before you step into the orthodontist’s clinic with a simple guide on what all is in store on Day 1. Read on to clear your doubts and confidently walk in to embark on your smile journey. 

Introduction and paperwork

To start with, expect an introductory session with your orthodontist, his/her assistants, and other members of the team. You can share about the dental issues and the outcome you are expecting from the treatment. If you suffer from dentist anxiety, talk about it with your doctor. Up next, you will have to do some paperwork like filling up forms with your personal information like name and contact details, insurance information, health and dental history, etc. You will also have to share information on any past relevant consultation or evaluation reports.

Exam and imaging

Once you are through with the initial steps, your orthodontist will conduct tests and exams to evaluate your condition. The tests include 3D scans, x-rays, and multiple images of the face and jawline to understand the complexity of the case. The reports will act as records position and alignment of your teeth at the start of the treatment and help plan the future course of action.

Treatment plan 

The orthodontist will then discuss the test reports to zero in on a treatment plan based on your needs and expectations. The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the problem. Other factors like budget and lifestyle also play key roles in plan selection. The orthodontist would discuss the possible outcome and help you have an understanding of what to expect from the treatment. You can ask questions related to the treatment before deciding to go ahead with it. 

Finance check 

After choosing the treatment plan that suits you the best, it is time to discuss the financial aspects and payment options. Most orthodontists or clinics have teams to guide you through the process and help you understand your insurance coverage. They also provide flexible financing options and packages to fit your budget. 

If your provider offers the option of sending the braces/aligners via mail then wait for them to ship the products. Otherwise, you can schedule the next appointment to start the process. Feel free to reach out to your orthodontist for any doubts before embarking on your smile journey.