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What to expect from your aligner solution provider. Here’s the doctor's edition.

Clear aligners, the latest addition in orthodontics, alone have a market size of USD 4.7 billion as of 2021, which is expected to grow at a massive CAGR of 29.5% by 2030. Clearly, the demand for clear aligners will increase and perhaps drive the dental treatment market. Despite all this, the industry is just getting started. With new innovations emerging almost every day, there are plenty of opportunities for doctors and providers to stand out from their competition and provide a better experience to the patients.

Orthodontics has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Digital dentistry is a buzzword that’s been around for several years now. Be it 3D impression systems, digital scanning technology, or remote monitoring, all have enhanced the efficiency, effectiveness, and predictability of orthodontic treatments.

The tricky part about aligners is that not all of them are created equal. Dental practices must do their research before picking one aligner provider over another for their practice — because not all aligner providers offer the same benefits or services.

But did you know there are over 100 aligner market players globally? That’s a lot of vendors, and that means a lot of confusion for any dentist who is searching for the right aligner solution partner.

Here is what you need to look for in an aligner brand that would enable you to help your patients and enhance your practice’s productivity.

Advanced Technology With Predictable Results

Clear aligners must be technologically advanced; they must have a capable polymer system that promotes precision in results. From capturing precise digital impressions of the patients in the first session to formulating a plan using AI-driven design staging, an aligner treatment is the embodiment of advancement in orthodontics.

An innovative and effective polymer system provides the much-needed predictability in orthodontic outcomes. This is due to the exertion of optimal force throughout the wear time. Since accurate tooth movements are highly dependent on continuous optimal force, sudden excessive bursts of force hinder positive results and make the patients uncomfortable while causing them pain.

An aligner solution that has mastered the polymer technology and the ability to exert the required force without causing the patients any discomfort will guarantee the right outcomes with minimal refinements.

Coaching Support For Enhancing Confidence to Take Up Aligners

Clinical coaching is a more personalized service that can help you to reach your best clinical outcomes. This type of support is more tailored to your practice and workflow. It usually involves engaging with a coach for a one-on-one session. During this time, the coach observes your workflow to identify potential issues and offer solutions to help you improve. This includes suggestions on how to better manage digital tasks or how to implement aligners more efficiently. These coaches are also available to help you with any technical issues that come up. They can also provide you with coaching on how to best interact with your patients to ensure they have a positive experience throughout the treatment process.

Patient Acquisition to Increase Turnover

A patient referral program goes a long way in promoting your practice to a whole network of prospects. Inviting your past and present patients for referrals in lieu of a reward always works. The same is true for promotional discounts; they drive a high degree of patient traffic as well.

Tele-dental services and virtual appointments also help educate patients on the treatment options suitable to them. Marketing services can help you brand yourself better and increase your online visibility for better leads. These are winning strategies to improve patient outpouring, and you need to tap into them with your aligner brand.

Patient Financing Options to Enhance Revenue

Did you know as much as 40% of Americans refuse treatment because of affordability? And 33% of the population is categorized as subprime borrowers. The notion that people don’t get treated because of poor financing is appalling.

If your practice provides optimized financing options catering to every patient with a 100% approval rate, your conversions will soar. The pricing of aligner treatments requires dental financing for patients not only to convert but also to retain patients. The responsibility of providing the same falls on the aligner brands.

A higher rate of patient approvals irrespective of the credit score; Faster loan approvals to get the treatment started on time; Insurance coverage and management and resolution of claims; And minimal financing fee.

If all of these are taken on by the companies offering the aligners, you will provide treatments to more patients and enhance your business.

Additional Support for Patient Management

From preparing a treatment plan to tackling a highly complex case, orthodontic practice management needs support at every stage of patient care. Getting the same in addition to the aligners and its technology is always appreciated.

Patient outreach and education is an area where you definitely need support. Conversions can go really high when you follow up on each of your prospects and provide personalized support to your existing patients. Tackling patient grievances should not be on your plate as well. Moreover, an insurance concierge will efficiently handle queries, verifications, and claim submissions. By partnering with the right aligner brand, you would not have to work extra for this.

Digitized Dentistry to Enhance Productivity

One of the most important parts of the digital aligner experience is the ability to communicate clearly with patients and other team members. The digital workflow can quickly become a jumbled mess of texts, emails, and missed phone calls without a good communication strategy. One way to avoid this communication mess is with a remote technology solution. Remote technologies let you and your team members communicate through a centralized platform. This can be especially helpful when managing remote teams and patients.

Next-generation AI allows you to provide a seamless experience to your patients. From transferring patient data through an integrated platform and capturing accurate digital impressions to 3D treatment planning and providing your patients the convenience of monitoring their progress from anywhere without any additional costs to you, digitizing your practice ensures you give your patients world-class dental care.

Remote monitoring also positively impacts treatment outcomes; refer to our blog “How is Remote Monitoring Improving Treatment Outcomes for Clear Aligners?” to understand better.

The Final Word

OrthoFX believes in going above and beyond in delivering the right aligner solution to our orthodontist partners and patients. Our goal is to eliminate inefficiencies in your practice. Partnering with multiple vendors for different services, be it insurance concierge, financing, or digitization, will create a maze of extra work for you.

We are an all-in-one service solution, providing your practice the product, the technology, and the software to run a successful practice. You can visit to understand our scope or contact us at

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