importance of orthodontic treatment

Why Do You Need an Orthodontist?

The specialty of dentistry that deals with teeth-straightening and getting you a great smile is known as Orthodontics. Orthodontists are dentists who have undergone an additional three years of schooling on the subject after completing their regular dental program. They are equipped to treat any problems related to teeth alignment and can help patients get a healthy and beautiful smile. Below are a few reasons that will help you know the importance of visiting an orthodontist:

Orthodontists are specialists

A dentist’s service takes care of tooth decay, root canals, gum disease, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, etc. An orthodontist, on the other hand, treats misaligned or crooked teeth and corrects bite issues. In the process, they will also help you achieve a beautiful smile. They are specialists in this particular field of dentistry. Their treatment process includes diagnosing dental and facial irregularities through X-rays and scans of the face, jaws, and teeth and then coming up with solutions that can correct such issues. The diagnosis is followed up with a customized treatment – by using appliances like clear aligners, metal or ceramic braces, retainers, or through surgery – based on the severity of the case. It could take months (and sometimes years) to reach the desired effect, and the treatment requires regular follow-ups.

Benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment

The physical benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment are too many to ignore. If left untreated, concerns like misaligned teeth, crowding, gap teeth, and bite issues can lead to several dental problems, including plaque, tooth decay, gum diseases, chewing difficulties, and speech impediments. An orthodontist solves all these issues and helps in bettering your biting, chewing, and speaking abilities. In addition, straight teeth mean easier maintenance of oral hygiene and fewer dental issues to deal with. 

However, the most convincing part of orthodontic treatment is the psychological benefits. Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile, but not all are fortunate enough to have it. Crooked, uneven, or misaligned teeth affect smiles, in turn, leading to self-doubt, insecurity, and social awkwardness. An orthodontist can change this scenario by helping you get a healthy and attractive smile, thereby boosting your self-confidence. 

Orthodontic treatment can get life-changing results by solving multiple issues related to malocclusion and improving appearance. Some basic rules like regular following up on the treatment, maintaining oral hygiene, and keeping watch on dietary habits can take you a long way in achieving the desired results.

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