Why Regular Dental Check-ups Are Important?

dental care

People often tend to delay or avoid regular dental check-ups due to expenses, lack of time, anxiety, or simple negligence. But the risks involved are too many to take it lightly. Dental check-ups are necessary to keep tooth decay and gum diseases at bay, ensure clean teeth, and detect other oral health issues. Ideally, one should visit the dentist every six months or as recommended. Here are a few key reasons emphasizing the need for regular dental check-ups. 

Prevents plaque, tartar, tooth decay, cavities

Even the most serious daily brushers and flossers fail to reach some areas of the mouth. This is when plaque formations take place, which solidifies further to form tartar. Over the long term, tarter tends to erode the teeth and create holes in them, which in turn lead to tooth decay and cavities. In most cases, cavities are detected through toothache, after which it has to be filled, fixed, or salvaged. But regular cleanings and check-ups can prevent such formations and keep the mouth free from serious damage. 

Early detection of oral cancer 

While you might be sincere about your daily oral hygiene, detection of cancer is not possible by yourself. People who visit the dentist every 6 months are less likely to reach late-stage oral cancer. Dentists are trained to spot the early signs and symptoms of oral cancer. They use the VELscope Cancer exam, which is non-invasive, painless, and lasts for a couple of minutes. If detected early, the otherwise life-threatening oral cancer can be successfully treated. 

Prevents gum diseases

Plaque and tartar formation not only erodes the teeth but also affects gum tissues. The infection could lead to the gum pulling away from the tooth, tissue breakdown, and breakdown of the bones that hold the teeth in place. Such advanced levels of gum diseases result in swelling, bleeding, and soreness, and untimely loss of teeth. Sometimes, underlying gum diseases are not visible to the naked eye but are often spotted through X-rays. If detected early, dentists treat them before they become severe.

Check for more serious diseases

The onset of any ailment inside the mouth could lead to more grave health issues in the long term. Besides checking for gum diseases or oral cancer, dentists look for symptoms or abnormalities through thorough examinations of the neck, jaw, and lymph nodes. There could be swelling, lumps, or any sort of deformities and, if found, the dentist will refer you to specialists for better diagnosis and treatment. 

While it is easy to skip regular dental check-ups sighting multiple reasons, the damage caused could lead to severe consequences and even be life-threatening. Regular dental check-ups are the only way forward for healthy and strong teeth. Remember, upkeep of your oral health is key for the well-being of your overall health.