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Smile Aligners

Transform Your Smile With Clear Aligners

Smile Aligners

Clear aligners are considered by many a safe and comfortable option for orthodontic treatment. They are esthetically appealing, effective, and may work the same or even sometimes faster than other teeth-straightening options such as braces. Read on for a list of reasons on why you should choose clear aligners to transform your smile

They are nearly invisible

With metal braces, the world gets a glimpse of a network of wires and your ongoing treatment every time you flash a grin. With clear aligners, your orthodontic treatment is not as obvious. They are made from a next generation polymer that makes them nearly invisible to the naked eye. You can wear them all the time and everywhere without others realizing you are having treatment. Wearing clear aligners may boost confidence and self-esteem to a great extent as you do not have to worry about your appearance as much as you embark on this smile journey.

They are comfortable

With traditional braces, sharp edges of the wires may poke the inside of your cheeks and the inner lining of the mouth. With clear aligners,  they can easily snap onto your teeth and start working with minimal discomfort. 

They are removable

One of the top advantages of clear aligners is the fact that they can be easily removed without any assistance from the doctor. You can take them out while eating and without making any changes to your diet plans during the treatment. With the aligners removed during meal times, there are no chances of food getting stuck in them. In addition, taking care of daily oral hygiene is much easier. to clean the aligners and brush/floss every time before reinserting the aligners. 

They are consistently working aligning your teeth

Clear aligners start working from Day 1 and the results can be visible quite early in the treatment. Each set of aligners gently moves the teeth a little by little toward the desired position; Every week you will receive a new aligner set that will take you one step closer to your final treatment goal. 

Clear Aligner treatment can be affordable

A smile doesn’t cost anything and neither should getting it corrected be expensive. Contrary to popular belief, clear aligners may be more affordable than you think. OrthoFX has financing programs for most budgets as well as qualifies for orthodontic insurance benefits. The total treatment cost depends on the complexity of the issue and the length of treatment. It is advisable to research your treatment options with a clear aligner expert, and choose a package that has no hidden fees and is covered by your dental insurance. 

As the popular saying goes, ‘a smile is a curve that sets everything straight’, a great smile can indeed be the first step towards not only improved oral health, but self-confidence as well. So why not choose the best orthodontic treatment that makes you smile inside out!

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